The Caltech Summer Research Connection and Evan Kirby, assistant professor of astronomy, are excited to offer research opportunities this summer!

Professor Kirby uses stellar spectroscopy to measure the elemental compositions of stars, and he uses those measurements to infer which types of stars existed long ago and how quickly those stars were forming and dying. His favorite type of galaxy is a dwarf galaxy. Dwarf galaxies are near enough to be studied in detail and simple enough to make straightforward interpretations about their elemental evolution. For this work, Prof. Kirby uses a variety of spectrographs on the Keck telescopes (remotely from Caltech).

More information on Professor Kirby’s research is available at

We expect to be able to offer financial compensation of $15/hour for 16-20 hours per week. The duration of the program will be 6-8 weeks. The program will begin on June 24 or later. The exact schedule, including start and end dates, can be negotiated upon acceptance to the program.

Your application consists of this form plus a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach, employer, or mentor. Letters should address the applicant’s work ethic, ability to work in a group, ability to follow directions, and any evidence for the potential of success as a researcher. Recommenders should send letters directly to Prof. Kirby at The deadline for submitting this form and for receiving letters of recommendation is May 13, 2019. We will communicate the result of your application by May 17, 2019.

US citizen or permanent resident or otherwise able to work in the US legally
Must be at least 15 years of age
High school sophomore or junior at time of application
Must have transportation to/from Caltech

There are no coursework or GPA requirements, and no previous research experience is needed.